International Medical faculty No. 2 training is responsible for all foreign students who study at Donetsk National Medical University (Chernihiv Medical Institute).Faculty deals with all other faculties of university for international students.

International students are studying in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and in different departments at masters and at Postgraduate level. Preparatory department and Premedical departments of Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute) are directly under faculty of foreign students training. 

History of the international medical faculty No. 2 :

Since 1951 the University trains specialists for foreign countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In last 59 years University trained about more than 5000 foreign workers. At present 1850 foreign students are studying from 57 countries of the world.

Faculty of the Foreign students training was established in 1964 and first dean of the faculty became assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology Hrechanin B.E. who occupied this position for 14 years and then for 17 years he was vice-rector for international relations. In the future deans were: Zhuk A.A, Savchenko V.N., Pavlenko N.V, Degtyar L.A., Myasoedov V. ,Letik I.V, Marakushin Dmitry I. at present. All of them have made great contribution to the development and popularization of the achievements of the faculty of the Donetsk Medical School.

Introduction to Faculty:

Today, the faculty is a powerful research center DNMU in which a combined force of experts of different profiles to address fundamental scientific problems of the highest priority areas of medical science.

Teaching staff includes 97 teachers. Among them 8 Doctors of Sciences, 4 Head of Departments, 4 Professors and others Associate Professors. Credibility of these scientists is the basis of the prestige of the university.

Faculty organizes the research work, monitors the implementation of the plans of research departments, scientific training and implementation of research findings into practice in health care.

Staff and the students of the faculty attend every year scientific conferences at international, national and at regional level.

Faculty provides to foreign students all necessary conditions for learning and recreation. Under the leadership of Dean of foreign students hold festivals, competitions, exhibitions, take part in amateur performances.

Preparatory Department:

Duration : 10 months

Preparatory department is made for foreign students:

– students who want to study in Russian or Ukrainian language

– Students who do not have the necessary requirements for the undergraduate programs and also it helps to enable students to bridge the gap between school and university.

The following subjects are taught in the foundation course: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies and Mathematics.

Students who wish to study in English language do not require to complete preparatory department.

In the Donetsk National Medical University in Chernihiv, function all theoretical and clinical departments, such as:

Clinical departments:

  • Department of Clinical rehabilitation
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Stomatology №1
  • Department of Stomatology №2
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Internal Medicine №1
  • Department of Internal Medicine №2
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Surgery
  • Department of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery
  • Department of Oncology and Radiology
  • Department of Anesthesiology
  • Department of Traumatology
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Dermatovenereology
  • Department of General Surgery and Urology
  • Department of Epidemiology
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Department of Pathomorphology, Forensic Medicine and Histology

Theoretical departments:

  • Department of medical biology, microbiology, virology and immunology.
  • Department of high education organization, management of health and hygiene.
  • Department of physiology and pathological physiology No 1
  • Department of human anatomy No 1
  • Department of general and biological chemistry No 1
  • Department of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Department of medical physics and informational technologies
  • Department of philosophy No 1
  • Department of philosophy No 2

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