1. Clinic "Dental Clinic No. 1"
  2. "Antoshka" Children's Home
  3. Clinic "Drug dispensary"
  4. "Blood Transfusion Station"
  5. Treatment and diagnostic center "Armikh” etc.

On the basis of Treatment and Diagnostic Center students have their practical and clinical classes. An important aspect of the work of the Treatment and Diagnostic Center is the most modern methods of diagnosing diseases. The laboratory is equipped with the equipment of the German company SIEMENS, only original imported reagents and materials are used in the work, which ensure the highest quality of all conducted studies.

Also, in the center there is Magnetic Resonance Tomography Center with magnetic resonance tomograph and two computer tomographic centers equipped with spiral multidetector computer tomograph.

Particular attention is paid to ultrasound examination methods, as the most common method of diagnosis.

The latest technology has also equipped X-ray rooms in Kramatorsk, as well as the mammography room.

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