Donetsk National Medical University in Chernihiv actively cooperates with medical institutions of Chernihiv region. To have practice and to improve practical skills, the clinical departments of the University are located in the largest hospitals and clinics of the city:

The Chernihiv Regional Hospital is a multi-disciplinary medical and preventive institution of the highest category: 21-inpatient department, 14 paraclinical services and a regional polyclinic. This is the main medico-consultative, diagnostic center of the Chernihiv region, a powerful base for the training and retraining the interns, nurses, students of the medical university.

The Chernihiv children's regional hospital is a multi-disciplinary medical and diagnostic institution of the highest category, which provides specialized therapeutic and prophylactic, diagnostic and counseling services for children from 0 to 18 years.

The hospital provides a highly qualified and specialized medical care around the clock. Annually more than 15 thousand children undergo treatment in the regional hospital, more than 5 thousand surgical interventions are conducted, and the consultative polyclinic receives about 120 thousand patients from the Chernihiv region and all over Ukraine. The hospital is the base for preparing and passing the general and specialized practice of students and interns.

Chernigov hospital for veterans and invalids - a specialized medical institution for the provision of medical services to veterans, disabled people. A base for the practice of students, nurses, and rehabilitation physicians.

Chernigov hospital for veterans and invalids provides the following services:

  1. Ultrasound diagnostics: organs of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, dairy and thyroid gland, joints and spine, heart and vessels;
  2. Therapeutic massage and cosmetology;
  3. Consultation of doctors: oncology surgeon, mammologist, etc.

Fresenius Medical Care (Dialysis Medical Center) - by introducing products and providing services, the Company's specialists are primarily guided by the care of the needs of patients, combining efforts to improve the quality of treatment, returning patients hope, confidence and a desire to live.

That is why, for over 30 years, Fresenius Medical Clinic has been a leading provider of dialysis products and services.

ASTER International Medical Company - the international company of Chernihiv origins "ASTER" presents: the newest and the only drugs in Ukraine - systemic drugs that regulate all physiological processes in the body. Preparations with a precise effect on the cause of the disease are self-diagnosis primarily directed to the zone of greatest pathology.

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